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We commit ourselves to protecting the environment


The protection and preservation of our environment are important to us. Targeted steps are being taken in the planning, including structuring and documenting, towards a program for protecting the environment. Some of these steps include the development of energy conserving machines and accessories, the integration to an agricultural, bio-gas based heating system or the application of a special isolation coating to the windows in the roof of the manufacturing plant.

The conservation goals defined by management and the adopted processes are being supervised, evaluated and continuously improved. In this way the potential for savings, e.g. in the energy consumption, can be identified and taken advantage of.  Through the ISO-Norm 14001 seal, our business partners recognize that we guarantee the adherence to environmental standards and a sustainable consumption of resources.

  • We comply with the legal requirements.
  • We take all the measures needed to prevent any possibility of environmental pollution on site.
  • We continuously improve our environmentally oriented performance at a justifiable level in terms of the economy.
  • Waste products are included and controlled in the recycling process.
  • Constructive cooperation with the authorities and neighbours enable the continuous improvement of the quality of life both internally and externally.

Our many years of practical experience and our internal ISO-certification for environmental management make us competent contacts for our business partners. Our experts look forward to support you at any time.

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